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“SEO” another money making tool ?

March 6, 2011

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is supposed to be a process of improving websites visibility in search engines through un-paid or algorithmic search results. SEO target different kinds of search this gives website web presence. Webmaster began optimizing their pages in mid-1990’s as the very first search engines were cataloging the early web,  all the webmaster needed to do was to submit the address of a page to the search engines which would send a spider to crawl that page. In early age of SEO it was an art and the artist (webmaster) suppose to craft his work, by making keyword rich text on pages or HTML (headers, pages, index etc) The skill level of webmaster really counts on SEO.

But what it’s become now is nothing more than a Money Making Tool for “search engines” companies are making profit of over 400+ $ (mill) each year, by replacing their paid client pages on top and turning down genuine relevent pages at the bottom. SEO has now become SEM (search engine marketing) where you can pay and get the target audience in large numbers. There are some measures that can be taken regarding such issue’s, Webpages should always reflect the creativity of a webmaster as every page is an art work of some artists.

I don’t mind seeing my pages on top of list of any search engine but only if they are real and actual results, every second of someone’s is precious and we should alway try to divert the user to the very specific page which they want, not to our paid client pages. The issue is not very open but still one should seriously think about it, internet is changing and we should consider being as ethical as we can with this change, we must take every opportunity to excel and advance our skill and bank balance but while doing it we must also encourage skilled hackers or programmers who are doing a great work.