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Open Source Meets Marketing

March 9, 2010

So TV audiences decrease and fragment while Open Source values are spreading creating influential, vibrant communities. The question for brand marketers is how to interact with these new powerful consumer groups in ways that will win hearts and minds.

This is a more difficult question to answer because the new marketplace requires a view that is very different from the past.

To date marketing has been about command of the media and control of the message. Borrowing the language of war, marketeers have been used to launching campaigns, targeting consumers with brand collateral, adhering to strict rules of engagement (known as brand guidelines), under the guidance of personnel known as brand guardians. The results have been measured using analytical models based on TLAs like TVR and OTS. It’s been about secrecy and it’s been about driving consumer demand by bombarding their senses.

But the new marketplace doesn’t respond to this approach. It is made up of new more powerful consumers who use technology to switch off what they don’t want to see. In fact, not happy with filtering what they don’t like, Open Source communities are increasingly creating their own adverts and branded content.

George Masters is an American school teacher and a big fan of Apple’s iPod and at the end of 2004 he made a homemade advert for the iPod Mini. He then shared the viral film with an online community of Apple fans expecting nothing in return, other than a little credibility from his peers. In fact the film spread quickly and within a few days had been viewed more than 40,000 times by curious individuals. The quality of the ad was so good that many people presumed they were watching the output of a big ad agency.


Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program

January 18, 2010

The Government of Sindh has launched a major initiative, titled “Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program”, for addressing the issues of poverty and un-employment through Human resource development in the province. The Program aims to provide opportunities for short-term employment and skill development to approximately 100,000 semi-literate and educated unemployed youth in Sindh for a period varying between 3 months to one year. The unemployed youth will be offered various skill development opportunities and job oriented certification courses to adapt to local and international job markets. This will help contain poverty and improve the socio-economic conditions of common citizens. In addition, the public and private sector business efficiency will increase through a well-placed, developed and skilled workforce. B. VISION 2009-2010 (Short-term): 1. Semi-literate and educated youth provided employable skills to meet the demand of local and international market; 2. Maximum available training institutes of Sindh Government activated and equipped to provide required training (where dormant, reactivated in stages); 3. All training material for tutors and trainees translated in either Sindhi, Urdu or English as per requirement; 4. Procedure for conducting and monitoring such training streamlined by institutes, PMU, and PCU; 5. Private and public sector coordination procedures and channels established; 6. Public awareness at grass root level of BBSYDP;

Grab a copy of Application Form : ApplicationFormBBSYDP

Supported Documents:

NIC copy  1 passport size picture C.V Educational Documents PRC/Domicile

all documents must be attested.

Or Contact: Project Members